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Living with an EV

Looking forward to a L2 charger at work

Because it’s a measured 1.81 miles to the nearest public L2 charger over at the Puget Sound Joint Electrical Apprenticeship.

I got ICEd from our only outdoor 120V plug at work today because of the ongoing construction, then had to make a 32-mile trip to a customer jobsite.

The Blink Network chargers at the PSEJATC appear to charge by the kilowatt-hour, rather than by the timed hour like the one I used at the Sears in Lacey.

Since I got a charging code using the Android app (and the phone was nearly dead… thank goodness it held on) I got the “Guest” rate of $0.39 per kWh. That actually makes power more expensive than gas, in this case, but it’s a price I’m happy to pay.