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Car Salesmen have a license to lie. As long as you know it, you might not be offended by it.

Signed, sealed… it’s roadtrip time !

Seattle is probably the third or fourth most enthusiastic market for EVs in North America, so it’s not surprising that the dealerships here don’t negotiate very hard.   I’ve seen some bizzare price inflation with one dealer, had one try their best to cheat me just on principle, and had another sell the car I wanted the day it arrived on the lot.   I’ve been watching the inventory of Focus Electric fluctuate, dropping by 4 or 5 cars every weekend then picking up during the week as new ones arrive.   It currently stands at 42 within 100 miles of home.

I can’t bring myself to buy a car at sticker price.   It’s always a negotiating process, and it’s hard to deal with the pressure tactics and intentionally confusing documentation.   If a car dealership is going to play hardball, I’m going to get some discount out of that game.

So I headed south and made a deal with Courtesy Ford in Portland, OR.

My bullshit detector was highly calibrated from my adventures with local dealers, so I pushed very hard on Courtesy Ford to put all their verbal promises in writing, and to explain in detail every number they used in calculating the lease.   I maintained from the beginning that I would not sign any contract I didn’t understand.

Even though their standard forms and processes leave a little to be desired, they did come through with a good discount and they certainly earned their $75 documentation handling fee… they probably spent $50 in UPS charges to get the lease paperwork signed before the end of the month.

So it’s almost a done deal;   the paperwork is signed and delivered, and I’ll make the down payment today.   It’s already been added to my insurance, and I bought a bus ticket to Portland.

Now… where am I going to plug it in ?