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Barely Thinking About Charging

As with so many things in modern life that are good, we start taking them for granted fast.

My boss agreed to buy two Clipper Creek LCS-40 EVSEs, and they arrived a few days later. I bolted them to the wall and ran the conduit indoors myself, but I’m not licensed as an electrician so we had to wait a few more days for our guy to connect them to a breaker box. There’s a ton of construction going on at my Company so we have electricians and carpenters and ironworkers everywhere.

And now I’m just charging every day. When I get here early in the morning it’s no problem to park and charge, but if I’m offsite to start the day I usually park elsewhere and jump on one of the EVSEs when the gas car’s driver goes out to lunch. Only once did I have to ask one of those drivers to move so I could charge.

With winter weather down below freezing, my full-charge range is down to about 60 miles on the Guess-O-Meter. If I start the heater or defroster, it drops by ten miles right away.

Just because I’m naturally efficiency-minded I try to just run the defroster and heater when absolutely necessary. But when I’m driving to work (just 15 miles one-way ) and have 40 miles of range, I should really just enjoy feeling toasty warm.